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It's Winter! Authored by D.J Neuenschwander

My Goodnight Angel Authored by Bobbi Jo Lang, Illustrated by Ward Silverman

Rascal the Parsonage Cat Authored by David Taft

Soil Mates: Go Toward the Light! - Authored by Sandra Atkins

Tea for You and Me - Authored by Mrs. J Young, Illustrated by Duane King

The Joy Robbers Authored by Jill Krueger Wagner, Illustrated by Mallory Killion

Jack and Otis Authored by John Jurchak

Pure Wings - Authored by Sarah Marie Rutherford, Illustrated by Ward Silverman

Sherman and the Storm Authored by Jessie Jo Schnack, Illustrated by Jack Foster

Suzie and the Bad Habits Authored by Lillie K Mazyck, Illustrated by Earl T Musick

The Adventures of Bingo Dog - Authored by Amanda Worley

Why the Bunny Cried - Authored by Kimberly Ann Cashmere

Wiggles the Worm: On an Adventure for Truth - Authored by Michael Acresti