Women Leaving the Clubs and Returning Home: 31 Day Daily Devotional

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Women Leaving the Clubs and Returning Home is a 31 day daily devotional that was birth from a women’s prayer group that I started on Facebook July of 2015. I was inspired to start the prayer page and to write this women’s daily devotion after the unforeseen death of my 14 year old student Tariq Akbar, as well as the hopelessness I began to notice in the eyes of the mothers in my community. I saw the very same hopelessness in the children in which I taught on a daily basis as well. As a teacher I began to listen to my students long for more time to be spent with their mothers. I often heard my students express to me that it appears as if their mothers or the women who’s left to care for them, simply didn’t care about them. Some used that excuse as a reason to participate in unhealthy activities after school. I understood that sometimes our children can take our diligence to support them and our drive to succeed, as neglect. However, I now understand the connection between the love of a mother and the progression of our homes, schools, and our communities, and how they all interconnects. I also understand that with all that is expected of women, the necessity for us to be renewed on a daily basis is vital. And what better way to be renewed, than by being in the presence of the Holy Spirit daily. Because of my personal experience and my daily walk with the Holy Spirit, I know that in order for us as women to do the work that the Lord has predestined for us to do, we must be led by the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. This book is a compass back to the heart of worship and the heart of having a worship experience with the Holy Spirit daily. It will motivate and empower all women to return to their first love, being our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. This daily devotion will also influence the woman to remove any distractions in her life that is causing her not to spend time with the Holy Spirit. I believe that when the women of our communities are healthy, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially, then the children and men of our communities will also be healthy, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.

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