Little Monster - Micah Alexander

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Little Monster is a children's book that helps parents or guardians create a platform to discuss the chronic conflict of sibling rivalry. Little Monster is delightful reading that helps parents understand sibling rivalry from the child's viewpoint. As parents we must remember, although our children care for each other, there will be many times in their development where their immaturity will not allow them to reason with each other. Conflict between siblings can quickly lead to frustrations which often leads to domestic violence between them.Parents naturally love their little angels, which may blind them to the conflict between their little devils. It is a common parental misunderstanding to think the love between siblings should be automatic because they originated from the same ingredients. In reality, IMMATURITY is the CONFLICT that encourages children to express their emotions irrationally. Peace can seem impossible when there are multiple immature personalities in the home. Little Monster spotlights the reality of sibling rivalry in the effort to help parents understand the importance of teaching character, love, appreciation, and tolerance over and over again in the home.Positive interactions and activities are necessary in helping siblings learn to love, tolerate, and embrace one to another. Because sinful human life is a competition, siblings in development may compete for glory, entertainment, provisions, parental affection and nurturing. Little Monster is another tool of encouragement to help loving parents continue to lovingly referee their Little Monsters.