Story Guardian Book 5 - Darktropolis

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"When God's path of greatness takes you through the darkness, how will you respond?"

The next arc of Alex Booker's journey begins with a camping trip with his grandfather. Alex's growing relationship with Sir Animus and Lady Melina had begun causing him to think of his own mom and dad, whom he had not seen even once growing up. He learns that his mom and dad had left him in the care of his aunt and uncle when he was four years old. While his grandfather assures him that they had gone to achieve a great work and will bring him to them when they are done, Alex only feels anger for what he perceives as abandonment.

When Alex uses the pocket watch to escape from his own negative feelings, he is acquainted with them once more as he finds himself in a world of darkness and despair. As a result, Alex becomes angry with Sir Animus with that same feeling of abandonment from which he was trying to escape. To compound this problem, he is entasked to assist a brash teenager with metal hands who was ready to succumb to hopelessness.

During this week, Alex is without his book, but he learns a special power that allows him to read the world around him to solve problems and rewrite history. Furthermore, he is accompanied by new allies who have come from worlds familiar to Alex to help assist in their objective: to get the young commander back on his feet.