Mercy What Was I Thinking?!!!

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Dear friends and sisters. Every one of you that I have never met is just an awesome person and a book I have yet had a chance to experience. I have laid out my story, the nasty, the scary and the wonderful in all naked vulnerability to bring hope to all those who have experienced their own bumpy roads. Who can relate and benefit from my story? •Are you now, or ever been, hurting and stuck in a cycle of sexual, physical or psychological abuse?•Do you feel different or inferior then others?•Do you feel people can see and judge you for undeserved shame?•Has desperation for love not experienced, because of abandonment and abuse, caused you to be used, disrespected, or even fearful of relationships?•Could you be a young woman on the verge of a choice that could be a dreadful trap? Take heart precious friends and sisters. Your story is not over yet. There is hope and light of a promising future. It doesn’t matter if you have lowly beginnings, victimizations and the pitfalls from wrong choices. Your awesome story is a work in progress with limitless and awesome possibilities for a victorious outcome.Sincerely,Anna KramerEmail: