Eternal Rome: The Behavior Change of an Empire - Charles Keltz

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Emperor Bracius Algueius, has inherited an Empire at its height of power. His empire, has pushed its way into the universe and has expanded to the last quadrant of the fifth unknown galaxy. There, they started to meet stiff opposition, to their empire’s advancement. Due to the loss of life, material and along with a warning from God. Bracius decides to pursue peace, only to find a rebellion waiting for him, on home world. Two of his generals, are also opposed to his pursuit. They want to continue on with the war and expansion. Come and join Bracius in his pursue for change. As he battles a rebellion and enemy forces. Find out how he fares against his enemies, as he tries to change, the behavior of his empire. From an empire at war, to an empire at peace. Along the way, Bracius finds out, he has a bastard child from a relationship, long ago. Instead of confronting her with the truth. He tries to adopt her, as his daughter and make up for the lost years, they have missed. He also finds out that his bastard child has cancer and needs a more aggressive form of treatment, if he wants her to live. To save her life, he must convince her to stop her pregnancy.