God Hungers for You

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For anyone seeking the One who will understand them completely, this book is for you!
The stunning revelation that God hungers to have a relationship with each of us—warts and all—running to meet us at the lowest point in our lives when we call Him is life-changing.

Discovering He is not a God far off but only a heartbeat away, desiring to intimately interact and invest in those who entrust themselves to Him, will empower you to live with complete abandonment.

Furthermore, when reading the heart-warming, incredible and sometimes miraculous testimonies of how God related to the author—meeting her personal needs far beyond all expectations and astounding those who have stood aloof from God is electrifying.
When comprehending God created us with His D.N.A. for the express purpose of making us His children, realization dawns on how precious we are to Him and the lengths He went to reconcile us to Himself in the hope that we will choose to have a relationship with Him.