I’m Sober…So Now What? A Journey of Hope and Healing

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After more than two decades of substance abuse, multiple failed attempts at sobriety, numerous arrests, a revolving door of treatment facilities, and a rock bottom that resulted in near death

 on her basement floor, Witherspoon has finally achieved long-term sobriety and is eager to share with the world that addicts can and do recover. Life after substance abuse is possible.

I’m Sober… So Now What? a journey of hope and healing provides a glimpse into the mind of an addict; what it is like to hit rock bottom and climb your way out. It delivers important information about addiction, relapse, and relapse prevention, using the author’s personal story to qualify that she has been there, she understands the heartache and devastation that living on the hamster wheel of addiction brings. You are not alone on the road to recovery.

Witherspoon has carefully woven information throughout her writing, not only to the addict but also to the loved ones of addicts, with the intention that everyone impacted by addiction will feel a connection to her message. This book brings hope, healing, and love to those who feel lost and broken and tells a story that addicts cand and do recover. It delivers actual scenarios about living life on life’s terms and how finding gratitude through the difficult moments is possible without the crutch of substances. We have all fought battles and sought redemption at some point in our lives, making this book a relatable book for everyone.

Melissa tells a story that is well written and hard to put down. Her book, I’m Sober… So Now What? speaks deeply both to the addict and those who have little experience with addiction.”

          -Dr. Gary Chapman, best-selling author of The 5 Love Languages Series

“I’m Sober…So Now What? is a work of such passion and authenticity – it will leave you breathless, but also cheering and laughing. Witherspoon pours out her heart in these pages, as she tells about her life after addiction. Her story weaves together an unforgettable marriage of hope after hardship, redemptions, and inspirations. If you are searching for proof that life can be restored—even sweet— after great brokenness, you will find it in these pages.”

                   -Rachel Keener, author Pearl Weaver’s Epic Apology, The Killing Tree and The Memory Thief

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