Live Your Life with Gratitude and Grace: An Integrative-Sustainable Guide to Choosing to Live Well

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Live Your Life with Gratitude and Grace is designed to assist you in making the connection to find gratitude and grace in your life. Journaling allows us to organize our thoughts and reinforce positive growth. You will be guided to improved health through reflective thoughts, scripture passages and inspirational quotes that focus on brain health, diet and nutrition, exercise, and spiritual health that support an integrative approach to healing. The model of Integrative-Sustainability, will assist you in learning how to be resilient, and maintain it for life. The Big Five of Healthy Relationships is provided as a formula for designing healthy relationships with intimate partners, family members, friends, coworkers, and any significant relationship or acquaintance. The Cognitions of Choice approach will assist you in developing a healthy philosophy for living, that will support your ability to make desirable life choices with increased confidence. Gratitude is easier to find in life than we may recognize. We can become trapped in the social expectations, and lose our way. It has been proven that we can reduce our symptoms of depression by practicing gratitude in our daily lives. If we take just minutes daily to document our experience of gratitude, within a few months, symptoms of depression, anxiety, or discord will decrease. Grace is a spiritual concept that is recognized worldwide, as being blessed or favored and gifted with the ability to endure or resist temptation and to exercise strength or rejuvenate. We may consider grace as linked to empathy for self and others. The world is sorely in need of empathy, and a more gentle and compassionate approach to the human experience. Developing your ability to experience a higher level of gratitude and grace will improve your health, and feelings of happiness. Integrating Dr. Steffen’s health models to sustain resilience, improve your relationships, and create a philosophy for living that is guided by choice will provide you the roadmap for living a life with gratitude and grace.