The Story Guardian: Book 1 - Courage and Heart - Keith Hutson

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Black & White on White paper
144 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1516930920 
ISBN-10: 1516930924 
BISAC: Fiction / Christian / Fantasy

"Wandering through life without direction, you are suddenly given a divine opportunity. Do you have the faith to accept it?" 

A twenty-one year old college student, Alex, has come home after finishing an exhausting semester, ready to enjoy a summer vacation. When he enters his room, he finds a mysterious unaddressed package on his bed. After making an entry in his journal, he slowly unwraps the package to find a blank book and a pocket watch, along with an encouraging, but mysterious message. His curiosity and attempt to start the pocket watch thrusts him into a strange new world. 

Alex now finds himself in the middle of a lush field, his first sight being a knight in blue armor. The knight, Sir Animus, welcomes Alex into the Kingdom of Light and into his home, where he lives with his wife, Lady Melina. As Alex spends his week in this strange and peaceful world, he learns many things from the hospitable couple, including sword fighting, the world they live on, their history, and even story writing. However, he also learns more about the pocket watch that brought him into the paradise of the knight's world, leading Alex to ponder the overall purpose of the knight, the pocket watch, and the blank book.