The Weapons of Love - Dr. Shon Shree Lewis Ph.D.

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Have you ever experienced true love? Do you understand the true meaning of love, and the gift and power of love? This powerful book will introduce some to what true love is, prepare to experience true love, and the weaponry of living by love, God's way, to live a fulfilling life, in God, for healthy family relationships, friendships, and in a marriage. This book is a page turner, and will transform your spirit to experience God's love in your heart in your life that will forever enrich and bless you for lifetime.


About The Author Dr. Shon Shree Lewis is an Apostle, Pastor, Doctor of Divinity Ph.D, Doctor of Theology, a Professional Life Coach, Anti-discrimination Activist, Entrepreneur of inspirational products, the Author of many inspirational books, who lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin. In 1995, she gave her life to the Lord Jesus.Over the years God has blessed her to grow in His kingdom. In 2003, she earned her Associates Degree in Theology in Milwaukee Wisconsin, from Grace Theological Seminary in Loris South Carolina. In 2017, she was given an Honorary Doctorate from GMOR Theological Institute of America in Munster, Indiana. What is more, by January 2020, Dr. Shon Shree Lewis, earned her Doctorate of Divinity Ph.D degree from Grace Christian College, from Loris, South Carolina. Today, Dr. Shon Shree Lewis continues to speak on social media platforms God's Word, impacting the hearts of many with her teachings and her books, one of them titled, “The Weapons Of The Mind,” at to live a life of joy, peace, and in healing in Christ Jesus.

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