Promoting Life

At Lighthouse Publishing, we promote life! The first fundamental God-given right is to live. We support the current legislation in Georgia, Alabama and Missouri that protects innocent life in the womb. 

Recently there have been government officials and corporations who have said they will no longer due business with these states. Please patronize and support businesses in these states especially Christian run ventures such as Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby. Also, do not support companies like Netflix who threaten pro-life states such as Georgia with a withdrawal of their business.

While it is important to support life, it is also important to protect the well-being of mothers. We should be contributing to women's shelters and homes, with financial, spiritual and material support.

Also, we as a Christian community and parents need to teach our young men to stand up to their parental obligations. Firstly they need to abstain from sex. Secondly, focus on education and career (as should young women). Thirdly, waiting until after their marriage vows before procreating.

It's a mystery to me as to why God is so patient with us, and especially with all that has been given to us in the United States. Yet we throw life away and focus on sex to the point that society is confused as to what the natural function of the man and woman are. How long will God wait for this country to repent? It's in His infinite wisdom and mercy to decide, but we all need to be ready for the day when He returns or He calls us from this life.

A.M Overett - President, Lighthouse Publishing