About Us

Lighthouse Christian Publishing

Lighthouse Publishing eMedia and eMusic, dba Lighthouse Publishing, is a publishing company based in Minnesota. Lighthouse sells books and CDs via its website lighthouseebooks.com as well as through Affiliate Books stores and other retailers around the country.

The goal of Lighthouse Publishing is to provide high-quality original works at the least possible prices. Whether producing eSunday School materials for a mission in Nigeria, or producing paperback books for commercial retailers, we are committed to quality and making the Word of God available to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Our titles range from novels to children's books, business/technical manuals to self-help. While not every book necessarily has a Christian message, we are dedicated to producing works that will positively impact a person's life. Whether it's a do-it-yourself plumbing book or a comic book, we want each work we produce to enrich a person's life.

Our Statement of Faith...
At Lighthouse we believe that there is a God as described in the Holy Christian Bible. God created the heavens and the earth and is responsible for the creation of all of us. The relationship between God and man was severed due to sin and the human desire to try and be independent of God - in effect trying to become gods ourselves. Despite our actions, God chose to create a bridge back to Him through His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ became the ultimate sacrifice that allows us, if we believe, to re-establish a relationship with God.

Based on the above statement, it is Lighthouse Publishing's intent to create works that promote Christianity or at least do not go contrary to the tenets of the Bible.

We use the New American Standard Bible as a guide in determining content.Lighthouse Publishing SAN 257-4330