A Cup of Water: Devotions for a Thirsty Soul

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RELIGION / Christian Living/ Devotional

 One day a Samaritan woman went to Jacob’s well to draw water; little did she know that she would encounter a man who knew all about her, and would offer an artesian well that would quench her thirsty soul with Living Water. (John 4:1-26) That man was Jesus, and He still waits for us there at the well. We each bring our own set of experiences as we draw on His promises and provisions in daily devotions.

Come with me to the well and let us drink deeply from the Scriptures, from shared stories and prayer, and let us find refreshment in this journey of faith.

 Marcia Schwartz is a wife, mother, retired school teacher and an Evangelical Christian who is active in her church in Falls City, Nebraska.  In this collection of devotions she has selected favorites from her four previously published books: “Apples for the Soul,” “In Jars of Clay,” “Morning Splendor,” and “Showers of Blessing.” (Outskirts Press)  She may be contacted at maschwartz21@gmail.com.