Attending to the Word: Living as Redeemed People

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This book is about love and resolve. Resolve can be understood as love in action. When we reflect on how much Jesus loves us, even to the point of dying for us, we should return that love by resolving to care for the truly poor and needy each and every day.There are an infinite number of truths of love. I chose to focus on “Love is Grateful,” and “Love is Relational” in my book. These two truths guided my selection of the title of my book about love, “Attending the Word” and “Living as Redeemed People.” When one is vitally aware that they are redeemed by the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, one can’t help but be grateful and joyous, and compelled to share this gratitude and joy with everyone we encounter. By reflecting on “love is relational”, we can see that when we encounter the holy words of scripture, or the incarnate word in the poor and needy people we meet each day, we are empowered by the love of Jesus Christ to minister to the poor people God sends our way, and in this very real way, we are attending to the word.Enjoy the book, and may you always feel and share the love and gratitude that is in your heart with your family, friends and loved ones, and especially with the poor and needy that each of us will be privileged to meet.