Seven Letters from Heaven

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These “Seven Letters from Heaven,” were addressed to Christian congregations in the Roman province of Asia Minor, c. A.D. 95. They form a prologue for the last book in the Bible - the Apocalypse. Penned by John, a disciple and friend of Jesus and now a prisoner for His sake, these divinely inspired, ancient documents inform us about the courage, and spiritual fiber of those early believers. Called to represent and witness for Christ in an extremely antagonistic political and religious environment, “they overcame him (“the Accuser”) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” – Rev. 12:11. Don’t be surprised if as you read their story you feel moved to recommit your life to HIM who is the true focus of the book we know as, The Revelation of Jesus Christ. AuthorJohn Williams is from England where he received his formal and theological education. He and his wife Audrey recently celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary, and now live near their family in Victoria, B.C., Canada. They‘ve served in Evangelism, Bible Teaching, College and Pastoral ministries in various parts of the world. John has written a number of books including: Living Churches; The Holy Spirit: Lord and Life-Giver; The Lord of Glory; God’s Word is Alive; Visions of Messiah; Men moved by the Spirit; Ruth: A tale of Love and Redemption; Signposts for Happy Families; Safe and Secure; etc...