Aliens, Santa Claus then God

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Seven days and 168 hours and not enough time. I was overwhelmed working as a Nurse and caring for mom and dad and my own family and let’s not forget about the house chores and the yard work. I hated going to the grocery store but I did.I needed more days in a week. How could I sleep? I needed that extra time to complete everything. I couldn’t rest at night. I depended on coffee and over the counter sleep aids. My mind raced with plans as more work and changes come about. I wanted to do everything for everyone. I was exhausted. I called out to God to help me so many times, but the help didn’t come. One night, I called out to God to have mercy on me. I was sorry for everything I had ever done that was wrong. I wanted to die! Please, God. I beg You to let me go to sleep and take me home. I am so tired and cannot do anymore. However, God had his own plans for me, and it wasn’t coming home to Him. “This is my true story. ” “To inspire others that God is real.”