To Be Saved

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To be Saved is a fun and thought-provoking book about Jeff, it's author and how even though he works hard as a husband and father and takes care of patients in a hospital, he still deserves to be apart from God for all eternity. Wait. What?! Does that mean that I the Author Jeff am going to hell? This can't be right.Join me as I try to figure out exactly how I can earn my place in heaven to be with the Lord forever. The truth is, this book is not really just about that-.the works I do, that really don't impress God.This book is about the incredible love, the holy agape love that God has for me, and you. It is a reminder of how loving and holy our God is and how the best calling for Jeff and everyone in this world is to love God the best we can because he first loved us, and to share that love with others.

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