We Are Not Alone

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Twice failed as a Guardian Angel, Beniel is summoned to appear before the Divine Council where Yahweh entrusts him with a critical mission. Immediately he finds himself in the womb of Rebekah and face to face with his new protective charge, Jacob—still a fetus. Unexpectedly bumped by a second fetus floating in the womb, he encounters Ruger, a demon sent by Lucifer to protect Esau’s interests, the twin of Jacob. The war that spans a century and a half pits the forces of heaven and hell against each other for the life of the Patriarch of Israel and the lineage of Christ.

Violent . . . frightening . . . the otherworld beings of hell pull out all the stops as they seek to murder Jacob and annihilate his angelic protectors. To gain the upper hand, the fiercest demon hell has to offer is brought into play against Beniel. The conflict intensifies as Morax and Beniel battle to seize the victory for their masters.

There is an angel watching over you. Right now!

As real as the winds which continually circle our planet, demons circle the earth looking for weak character they can deceive. You are in their sights. We all are. A battle can erupt anytime, anywhere, as angels and demons collide for our souls. Who wins is determined by where you place your trust.