3 ½ Years

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Josh Mendel, toiling under the weight of his shattered existence and broken dreams, spends his days dealing with America's own broken dreams—emptying her countless foreclosed homes. However, God hasn't forgotten Josh. In His perfect timing, He moves Josh back home—Israel.

Josh has an extraordinary assignment, but he'll need a partner to pull it off. Ariella Segal, a highly trained member of Israel Defense Forces' elite division, is the perfect woman for the job.

History's newest power couple must contend with Vincente Basile, the bad guy to end all bad guys. Vincente’s unprecedented genius and a life forged in a powerful Italian mafia family, produces the ideal adversary.

These men have different God-ordained assignments: Josh's is to feed those who refuse Vincente’s wicked agenda; Vincente’s is to lead many to destruction.