Confessions of a Reluctant Princess

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A runaway royal or the female Prince Hal? A sickly princess takes a heady detour to her historic destiny. A sensuous and poetic tale about the conflict between the unruly passions of the heart and the dictates of worldly power, this philosophical novel offers a more self-reflexive and less tabloid-sensationalist version of Harry and Meghan’s North American adventure that takes into consideration the political and theological stakes of their romance. The shallow morals of worldly power are trumped by the superiors dictates of the Christian confession.What if our earthly passage were endless convalescence asking us to renounce the life of instinct for the life of the mind? Handicapped by a debilitating illness from childhood, the young heiress of the pontificate, has a lesson to teach us about love, faith, and renunciation. Sophie's baroque sensibilities steer her path through the desert landscape of sinful desires to an unlikely oasis of redemption. Her devotion to an invisible friend, a childhood pal who suffers a violent death in her early teens, is sublated in a pious attachment to Christ and complete dedication to the historic legacy of the Anglican Church. Her unwavering fidelity both to Christ and to the man her heart chooses, guides her struggles through the treacherous terrain laid out by contemporary media to design her own narrative and legacy.

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