Man's Law and Divine Justice

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In a large metropolitan city, another killing has occurred in which an unarmed Black teenager has been shot by white policemen. Not an unfamiliar event, nor even one that captures the headlines anymore. But what makes this one extraordinary, is what it leads up to. A revolt, a rebellion, an uprising - call it what you will, but the reaction to the incident sparks an outbreak of civil disobedience that sets the city on edge. This is not the main story. What is exposed after the crisis by two men who get caught up in the middle of the action, is the severity of corruption and mendacity that exists with the so-called pillars of society who control the laws. The rampant oppression and misapplication of true justice mirrors a time in world history when ruling powers used the law to serve their own purpose. An examination of man's laws through the eyes of a preacher brings the two men to a realization that a time is coming soon when the judicial scales, the symbol of man’s justice, will become obsolete for good reason. The final outcome of the story is one that will enlighten, but should not surprise you.

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