American Pilgrimage - Wes Brustad

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Danger lurks everywhere as he travels alone across the continent. Strange mannerisms, frightening movements, sudden screaming—all involuntary—set him apart. Out of step with everyone, Pieter experiences a crisis of faith and eventually leaves his family, church and community to set off on his own. The French Indian conflict with the British is beginning to gather momentum. At nineteen, Pieter is swept up into the maelstorm of war. By 1757, the British and the French are in a race to claim the Great Sea of the West for their respective countries. The British capture Pieter, now a young man, and propose he embark on this quest on their behalf, while the French send the Senecan, a malevolent killer who is part French, part Indian, with instructions to kill Pieter to prevent him from reaching the Great Sea first. Thus begins a multi-year pilgrimage that takes both men west along dramatically varying terrain, with unexpected experiences. Both Pieter and the Senecan change during the journey. Perhaps most importantly, Pieter learns from the many wise tribal elders he meets along the way, each who believe Pieter has special gifts and is favored by the Great Spirit. Could it be that Pieter discovers the Great Spirit in the Sky not only truly exists but loves him just the way he is? A story of hardship, friendship and new revelations that has you cheering along the way as you travel with Pieter and the Senecan across the vastness of America to the Pacific Ocean.