Victory is Yours Glory is His

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God has already given you everything to claim victory! But for many, this victory escapes them but why? The answer is simple. We all fail to really listen the voice of God that lies within all of us. Instead we are mired with doubt and fear. And the world around us just adds noise which drowns out the voice of God.Victory Is Yours, Glory Is His, unveils how the Bible is a powerful and transformative set of instructions in living a full and abundant life. These instructions are often used in much of the New Age Philosophies such as the Law of Attraction, and many of the Motivational and Self-Help books. But everything is of the vine and stems of God. None of these new age books are original in thought but can be found in the original motivational and self-help book; the Bible.This book is broken into three main sections. The first part is to look introspectively and really understand yourself. The second part is to understand how the Bible has given us instructions to succeed in this life. And lastly, we must give it all back to God and unto his Glory, as everything comes full circle. Absolutely genuine, spirit moving, and thought provoking; Victory Is Yours, Glory Is His, is a great addition to any Christian’s library.