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“Birdsongs is a 75-poem collection of works divided into four topics: lament, tribute, food & nature, and ascent. Like a symphonic piece, the collection starts in the pit of the valley and crescendos to lofty heights.The collection starts from a place of darkness, distress, and anguish, encapsulating difficult experiences, including physical and emotional pain, as well as the grief caused by love, loss, and the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.Moving into poems of tribute and the delights found in food and nature, the collection begins to shift toward love and hopefulness in the joys found in people, food, and creation. Life, after all, is meant to be treasured and enjoyed. In the final section, light triumphs over darkness. Hope abounds and soars to reach peaks of peace, joy, and ascent, ending with the high-flying title poem, “Birdsongs.””