a journey with you - Briana

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Life for Leena has been a roller coaster ride- a topsy turvy of events- isolation, falling in love again, and an encounter with a Terrorist. Not to mention her life threatening disease! Born and raised in a city in India terrorized by serial bomb blasts killing many innocents, bloodshed and violence, Leena grew up witnessing such incidents from her childhood. Being divorced and left alone with her son Rick to lead a life of isolation, she chose to stay with her parents because her ex-husband was a drug addict which she discovered years after her marriage and it left her shattered and broken. Things take a drastic turn when she decides to care for and nurture a victim of the bomb blast through whom she has an encounter with the leader of the terrorist gang. Leena and Maya both as epitome of ‘female empowerment’ and her unshakable faith in the almighty brings about spiritual awakening in him and he sees the divine light. Maya vanishes one day and no one knows where. Leena is happily married to her long known friend ‘Raktim’, she gives birth to a girl and she resembles Maya.

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