Alone and All

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During the height of her successful career in 1986 when Aida met Brigdon, the magic of the human heart took control without knowing much of each other's background. When critical activities intensified in yet another phase of the Cold War, Aida faced perplexing events that led her to discover Brigdon's deep commitment in British Intelligence. Danger surrounded them. Various unmitigated disasters plagued them. Silent victories unfolded one upon another that continually kept them apart. Despite the myriad of human machinations that included destroying them, they managed to keep close their communication. He protected her. In silence she protected him. Finally responding to God's call, Aida became a cloistered nun whilst Brigdon kept her his reason to living, his true friend who alone knows and feels every beat of his heart.


"This novel is set in 1986 during the Cold War between Russia and the West with constant danger of nuclear war with mass destruction of populations. The reader follows the flourishing love of the young heroine Aida who is an American. She meets with the blue-blooded English aristocrat Brigdon Westerly, a member of Secret Intelligence Service. He falls in love with Aida, and she falls in love with him, but there is a complication with their engulfing love ---- Aida is preparing to become a nun with the Dominican Cloister in Syracuse, NY. What will she do? Choose the love for a gentleman that overwhelms her heart or, accept her calling to serve God? She and Brigdon face great danger and death. The book is outstanding, a poignant work that holds the reader's attention throughout, a page turner, as Aida struggles with her great abiding love for Brigdon and her calling to serve God as cloistered nun. An exceptional good, exciting read." Colin Ian Jeffrey Author, Poet, UK

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