Throwing Seeds - Amy Williams

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You see - the seed is the Gospel, the Good News, God’s Word. As I have spent over 16 years overseas sharing God’s truth, it has become increasingly apparent to me that the work of a changed heart truly belongs to the Lord. In a day where everything is digital, Throwing Seeds, is a hand-drawn offering to the Lord. Our God-sized prayer is that this book would be used to fund Gospel projects in Macedonia and Albania and that more hearts would become good soil for the Gospel to take root and spread like a vibrant field of sunflowers. What kind of soil are you? How will the Gospel take root? Will you listen, obey, grow, and bear fruit? This book will instill a greater understanding and passion in children to obediently share the Gospel with a hurting world. As we throw the seeds, we will be privileged to see God do amazing things for His Kingdom!It is our job and joy to throw out the seeds. God does the rest. He changes hearts. He prunes the weeds. He gives the growthMay we live a life of joyful obedience, believing in the incredible power of Jesus to change a heart!