A New Perspective on the Book of Job - Winson Elgersma

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190 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1986733588 

ISBN-10: 1986733580

BISAC: Religion / Biblical Commentary / Old Testament


The Book of Job, perhaps one of the greatest pieces of poetic wisdom in both ancient and modern literature, has had countless commentators. One wonders whether there is anything left to say, or whether any new theme of the book could be offered.  

Winson Elgersma, in this, A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON THE BOOK OF JOB, has a surprising new take on the theme of Job, one that many Christians will find both enlightening and joyful.  

In a book with such depth of wisdom and complexity as the Book of Job, Elgersma, with his trained legal mind, brings out its beauty and insight, long obscured in its complicated presentation, and makes its thoughts more fully knowable. The complicated constructs and poetic language, of the arguments between Job and his three friends, are now presented simply, clearly and concisely. 

Many of us miss the subtle point that Job’s friends slandered God. With a lawyer’s understanding of the legal term of slander, Elgersma argues that God does not make faulty products, and that His Creation, including people, have the capacity to unfold in accordance with the creative potential, beauty and good with which it was initially imbued. 

Most important, this book will be a revelation for many Christians, and will bring hope and joy to their lives. 


John William Zylstra 

Retired Journalist, Publisher and Assistant Deputy Minister for Tourism

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