Just Who Is God - Dr. Neville Kirkwood

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Until recently, the majority of religions have been extremely insular, jealously guarding what they see as the truth. Today, there is a greater awareness of what others believe. This book explains the basics of many faiths, from an objective viewpoint rather than a Christian one.

As Dr. Neville A. Kirkwood shows in this book, there are many paths leading to the foot of the mountain where the Creator God sits enthroned. The Christian says that there is one path that definitely reaches the top, and so does not look for another. A similar claim is made by the adherents of other religions. It can be argued that all paths eventually lead to the top, because everyone will meet God the Supreme Being one day. The big question is, what will happen next?

The views expressed in this book do not necessarily reflect the core beliefs of Lighthouse Christian Publishing. Just Who is God? has been published to aid in the greater understanding of other religions, and to promote balanced dialogue between faiths.