The Devil’s Advocates: Exposing the Counterfeits - Volume 1

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In this volume I have attempted to identify, expose, and carefully denude much of the erroneous and existential doctrine espoused by many major cults and sects. Doctrines and concepts which have lead many people astray for centuries, if not millennia. In or around the year 90 C.E. the Apostle John, reiterating the warning (1Jn. 4:1) that the Apostle Paul enunciated to the churches of Galatia some thirty years prior (Gal. 1: 8-9, 3: 1), pontificated that the Church

(which is to say, the Body of Christ) should not accept the legitimacy of every spirit, spirits which purport to be sent from God, without validating their concepts by the Scriptures. Subsequently, 
The Devil’s Advocates, Exposing the Counterfeits reveals to us, in the current age, many of the charlatans, false teachers/prophets, and much of the disturbing liturgy (which espouses unscriptural doctrine) which seek to deceive. Moreover, as noted within this corpus, a superfluity of those false

teachers and charlatans will ostensibly display a “form of godliness” (See 2 Tim. 3:5); viz., practices which prima facie appear as biblical. However, in the run of their literature, and liturgy they harbor a proclivity for ignoring the power of the true and living God, Jehovah. Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, this book explains why the narratives promulgated by John and Paul (See 1 Jn. 4: 1, Gal. 1: 8-9, 3: 1), although announced over one thousand nine-hundred and thirty years ago, must be particularly adhered to during today’s globally capricious social environment, and pantheistic ethos.