The Grand Canyon, Evolution and Intelligent Design - Dr. Richard Beal

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Here is an authoritative work by an eminent and esteemed scientist who possesses a deep respect for the authenticity of the Scriptures. This book, written for a popular audience by Richard S. Beal, Jr., Ph. D., explains why there is no conflict whatsoever between the creation passages of the Bible and evidence that life developed over a span of more than five hundred million years. He shows how this can be true while preserving faith in the normal grammatical sense of the creation passages.

* Dr. Richard S. Beal, Jr., is both a scientific and a Biblical scholar. In The Grand Canyon, Evolution, and Intelligent Design he applies his areas of expertise to the vexing question of origins and originating processes. He proposes a new paradigm to deal honestly with both the scientific evidence and the Biblical revelation. This work is the rich fruit of decades of study and reflection.

Rev. Gerald Winkleman, Ph.D.

Academic Vice President (ret.)

Fresno Pacific University

* The author of this significant volume has given a brilliant, refreshing, and challenging perspective to the current controversy between the scientific doctrine of evolution and the Biblical doctrine of Creation. Dr. R. S. Beal, Jr., is a thoroughgoing Evangelical with intensive theological training. But he is also a recognized and accomplished scientist and has spent most of his life in higher education.

L. David Beckman, Th.D.

President Emeritus

Colorado Christian University