A Reconstructed Life

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https://youtu.be/RziKjfjXjzcLawrence Ambrose has been to hell and back. As a Confederate soldier during the Civil War, he has seen the darker side of mankind. He has seen dismembered bodies, an endless sea of blood, and death on a scale that he never could have imagined. And for what purpose, what cause? To preserve the “southern way of life?” To preserve the enslavement of others?

With the war finally at an end, Lawrence must come to grips with the South’s defeat. He wonders how he will be able to deal with the “New South,” and the Reconstruction Era. He soon learns that it is not only the physical reconstruction of the South, but a moral and spiritual reconstruction that needs to take place as well.

As he settles into a new world, Lawrence, studying to be a pastor, renews his faith in God and man. He sees kindness in the freedmen and soon learns his beliefs were wrong. He realizes that what he was fighting for during the war was abhorrent. Through the friendships he has embraced with the freed slaves, and a renewed spirit, Lawrence is on a mission to educate the South and to change hearts and minds of those who would want to preserve the old ways. Despite threats by the KKK and the avarice and subterfuge of his father-in-law, Lawrence fights for the cause of unity and equality. With Sarah, his strong and beautiful wife at his side, Lawrence finds the strength needed to continue the fight. But will he be able to overcome? Will he see a new Atlanta rise? Read about this remarkable life and how people can truly be reconstructed after the destruction of their old ways and beliefs.