Anna's Family

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Anna’s Family is a tale of adventure set in the late 1800’s. Part One, The Journey relates the exciting journey across the south, as Anna’s father, Dr. Joseph Warren gathers a diverse group of people who are melded into a wonderful Christian family. They are hindered in their journey by many obstacles including: a train wreck that leaves Anna’s nursemaid, Sheba, grievously injured, chiggers, a lost child and a mysterious wedding. 
Part Two, The Abduction, begins with the family’s exciting discovery of many unique locations in Arkansas, but their lives are turned upside, when they arrive in Fort Smith during the preparations of one of the Land Runs into Oklahoma Territory. One of their wagons is stolen along with five-year-old Anna, her three-year-old cousin, Joshua, her toddler brother Jeremiah and Sheba. The children’s captivity and harrowing attempt to escape their kidnappers, along with the family’s valiant efforts to locate them, unites them in faith and god’s power.

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