Comprehending The Pauline Epistles, A Study Guide

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As society embarks upon the second decade of the 21st. century (March thru August in particular) we find ourselves befallen by a debacle of biblical proportions, perhaps even eschatological. The Coronavirus / Covid-19 quandary. This phenomenon has, proverbially, left no stone unturned. From the elaborate architectural - designed Mansions of Beverly Hills, to the plush, rolling hills of Shannon (Ireland), to the savannas of the Serengeti (Tanzania), to the straw-built huts of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, none - it appears - are exempt. The great minds of the world are, colloquially, at a loss. The captivating, and quite riveting Comprehending The Pauline Epistles, A Study Guide was written, under the direction of the Holy Ghost, for such a time as this. As was copiously iterated - within the body of this text - mankind, in spite of his or her academic letters, or bars, should never attend to, or rely totally upon, their own reasoning. The student will learn from this volume that the lettered Saul of Tarsus (Paul, the apostle), relied exclusively upon his own understanding, but found it to be wanting, and of no avail, after his phenomenal, initial encounter with Christ. This text is quite comprehensive, and have much to lend; you'll have to put in the work though. However, once the students commences they are sure to be so enthralled by the guide's user-friendliness, continuity, and serendipity that they will find it not easy to lay aside. Moreover, upon completion of these curricula, the student will be able to discuss (with anyone of academia) the adult life of Paul (including his atrocities inflicted upon the people of God), his conversion experience, why it was necessary to write to the Churches, his imprisonments, journeys, and his odysseys. The student will also find - in this corpus - an anthesis explaining why - in spite of all conjecture, polemics, and arguments to the contrary - the apostle Paul couldn't have written the letter to the Hebrews. I also make a case for a fourth missionary journey by Paul. Every born-again Christian is a theologian, to some extent. Some simply "study more than others". Paul employed this methodology as well, in his pedagogy to Timothy (1st. Tim. 4:13 - 16, 2nd. Tim. 2:15. Nevertheless, if it is the student's desire to obtain a greater understanding of the apostle Paul's letters, and the ethos of his day, this is the digest they'll need. For it is replete, and rich with details pertaining to the apostle's ministry.{Adam J. Handy, Ph.d. 8/2/2020}

Dr. Handy's Alma Maters are: Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana.University of Metaphysics, Studio City, California.Chapman University, Orange, California.{Adam J. Handy, Ph.D., 8/2/2020}