Estella - A Modern-Day Story of Esther by Tina Samo

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5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm)

Black & White on White paper

192 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1717463043 

ISBN-10: 1717463045

BISAC: Fiction / Christian / General


Tucked away between the pages of Nehemiah and Job is the intriguing story of Esther, a young orphan girl who suddenly finds herself in a beauty contest to become the next queen of Persia. It has all of the ingredients of a delightful fairy tale, yet reveals important truths from God's Word. 


What would the story of Esther look like today? What relevant issues would Esther face in today's culture? How would God use her for a time such as this? 


Meet Estella, a modern-day Esther. Orphaned at a young age, she is taken in by a devoted uncle who raises her to love and trust the Lord. Her faith is challenged when she is uprooted from her high school mid-year to attend an elite, private school where she feels anything but welcome. As she is elevated to a prestigious position, she is met with envy and threats. Yet God is faithful. Estella’s plight has not gone unnoticed. She is befriended by an unlikely ally who proves more than trustworthy. 


Then Estella realizes that all is not as it seems in this school. When she learns that Christians have been accused of intolerance and targeted for systematic removal, she is forced to make a choice: risk her future by revealing her faith or remain safely silent. 


Find how God uses her decision in ways she could never have imagined.