Faith Mountain - Cindi Badour Chappell

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Faith Mountain is a modern parable/allegory that will delight all parents and grandparents who love ot read to their children and grandchildren. And it will be re-read time and again by elementary age children, even some middlers, and adults. 
A persistent little toad leaves hi Michigan pond to pursue a dream. With the help of his shepherd friend and some divine intervention from the fruits of the spirit, he achieves his dream. However, it will require persistence and a huge leap of faith. 
Follow along on the narrated soundtrack recorded by the author, scripture fish and friends to assist younger audience in this allegory. To top it off you will learn a little about toads, frongs, and dragonflies, along with a search and find page. 
Be sure to stay tuned to the end of the CD as you will laugh with the author and her daughter at some bloopers recorded while making the CD. 
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