Fully By Grace - Chai Youn

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5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm) 
Black & White on White paper
120 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1533183828 
ISBN-10: 1533183821 
BISAC: Religion / Christian Life / Inspirational

Why this book is written 
“In my years being a Christian, I met many who are very young in their faith and walk with God though they have professed Christ or even attended Bible Studies for many years. Many have yet to come up close and personal to the living God and thus, have yet to enjoy the tremendous freedom of being in Christ. The lack of a vital relationship with Him have also caused some to stop following Christ altogether.

I long to share with them how God is a real and personal God and how we need to develop a relationship with Him to be taught by Him. I want to encourage them by showing to them that all the Bible says about God , I have been found to be true in my life, in the hope that they, likewise will be drawn to this God.” ..the author

What this book is about 
Fully By Grace is a short autobiography of God’s dealings from the adolescent years of the author right through to married adulthood. The author shares her experiences with God, how God uprooted her from all her early Christian learning and sought to teach her His truth in His own way. She shares miraculous answers to prayers and how many a times, God whispers His answers to her many doubts and questions. Having experienced church life and received teachings from the different churches she attended (in both the charismatic and traditional church), the author shares about her confusion and questions and how God set out to answer and teach her His truth. This is a book set out to especially encourage spiritually young believers , to share with them His faithfulness and to set the correct understanding of what it means to be a Christian. It ends in exhorting all to be prepared for the Lord’s imminent return. 
What some say about this book 
“Your gift of the ‘little book’ is much appreciated. Many lessons learned in knowledge gained ….most of all, your amazing emotional and courageous encounter with God..wonderfully heart-warming..thanks for being you.” 
“Thank you for such an honest writing.” 
“The testimony of your book is very good. In fact, many Christians are struggling with the same issues..”