Jonah in the Whale's Belly - Nancy Hamilton Myers

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8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm) 
Full Color on White paper
42 pages
Lighthouse Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1935079538 
ISBN-10: 1935079530 
BISAC: Comics & Graphic Novels / Nonfiction
You have probably always imagined the story of Jonah and the Whale and now you can truly see it in a wonderful new way as if it were photographed centuries ago! 
Nancy Hamilton Myers has created a great new version of the story incorporating graphincs and photos that make the reader feel like they were there experiencing on the trials and tribulations that Jonah went through! 
Enjoy this wonderful book and share it with your family. This is a great story that teaches us to not disobey God and that what he has in store for us is beyond imagination. You will love this story show in a new and different light!