Josh’s Impossible Journey

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Josh doesn’t want to go on this journey. It’s too hard, especially as he’s not supposed to stray from the path…his instructions are to keep going straight. But the teacher says that everyone must travel along this path – alone – or almost alone. So Josh begins his long walk.

At first, the journey is much better than he was expecting. But after a while, he starts to get so hungry and tired that he begins to crave pizzas and motorbikes. And that is just what arrives especially for him – his favourite, freshly baked pizza, and a smart black motorbike. There’s only one problem – he has to go and get these treats. He has to stray from the path.

While there are glamorous travelers who offer Josh what he desperately wants, there are other less attractive people who offer him what he really needs. Will Josh be tempted to stray from the path, or will he keep going to the very end of his journey? And what will he find when he finally gets to the end of the long road?

Go with Josh on his difficult journey to receive an amazing surprise.