Mystery at Black Point - Kris Johnson

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It seems too good to be true when realtor John Benedict finally manages to sell the lakeside property that has been on his books for too long. Are the buyers, Cameron and Morgan Fossberg, as genuine as they appear?

It isn’t long before life changes for the Benedict family. Rumors of a mystery at Point Black quickly turn into a nightmare as what seem to be forces of darkness scare the Benedicts’ daughter Molly, who is now working for the purchasers as a temporary cleaner and decorator.

* "Maybe just one more small piece and then I can see what’s behind there," Molly murmured to herself. She could now fit three fingers into the slot. The damp drywall crumbled all over her hand as she pulled the slimy material back.

* Molly’s screams for help could be heard in the distance as a series of explosions shook the foundation of the house. "Get Molly, I can take care of myself!" Rosenberg yelled over the roar of the flames.

* The mirror’s reflection allowed him to see the ring at a reversed angle. The lion’s curved tail was comprised of four diamond-studded numeric digits that could only be seen in the opposite direction. Rosenberg picked up the ring and dialed the phone. "Detective Logan, it’s Rosenberg. Call me back as soon as you get this message."

* With the help of his local pastor, John Benedict comes to understand his family better, but at a price. A return of some characters from The Renegade’s Wine – plus some new ones – makes for a genuine mystery at Black Point. For new readers or old, this story has twists and turns to keep everyone happy.