Out of the Miry Clay

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6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 
Black & White on White paper
192 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1468173666 
ISBN-10: 1468173669 
BISAC: Religion / Christian Life / Devotional
Out of the Miry Clay is a collection of devotional thoughts and meditations designed to stimulate every believer to love and good works. These practical, down-to-earth reflections will challenge and encourage you to stretch spiritual muscles too often neglected in our superficial, soft commitment to the living God. Taken from one man’s personal struggles, disappointments, and insights, you will be reminded that the Christian walk is not a casual stroll through the park, but rather a battle to be fought. We are reminded in these pages that it is not a result of our own pitiful efforts, but by the infinite strength of Jesus Christ indwelling in us by his Holy Spirit, that we have any hope at all of rising out of the miry clay. 
Brad Williams, M.D., is a loving husband and father, song-writer, author, eye-surgeon, and faithful friend who is devoted to his Lord and family. Brad believes in the power of prayer and practices that belief in hi sown personal devotional life. His highest aim and greatest desire is to bring the living presence of Jesus Christ into all that he does. Whether playing with his children, hunting with a friend, sharing his faith in a small country church, or operating on a needy patient, his motivation is to glorify Jesus Christ. Brad lives in Greenville, South Carolina, with his wife, Sharon, and his children, Tyson, Sarah Kathryn, and Bradley. 
Ashby W. Davis 
Greenville, S.C