REVENGE! - Wes Brustad

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With opportunity and the unknown ahead, in 1870 Emily Fremont left all that she had grown up with in Missouri to head west with her husband and two adolescent children to find a new beginning in CaliforniaOne day, everything changed. After only a year on their homestead, her husband lay dead and her daughter raped before her eyes. Her thirst for revenge is all consuming as she leads her two children on a journey to execute the men who turned her life upside down.In an anxious twist of fate, she becomes the hunted and they are suddenly scrambling for their lives. Tracked by the killers who stalk them deep into the bowels of an abandoned mine, an inexplicable force prevents her finger from pulling the trigger when opportunity to kill arises. She cannot shoot! Simultaneously events happen by divine intervention to render the killers no longer a threat. In that instant, she finds the peace that has eluded her since that horrible day over two years ago.