Room for Grace by Sharon CassanoLochman

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Room for Grace by Sharon CassanoLochman is a vivid portrayal of a girl facing personal and emotional trials as she makes room in her heart and life for someone in need. 
Sharon CassanoLochman is the award-winning, #1 best-selling author of Stranded on Thin Ice, Man with the Sand Dollar Face, and Spiritual Verse Today. To learn more about Sharon CassanoLochman, visit 
“Room for Grace is a heart-warming story about the power of compassion and acceptance. Although intended for young people, this tale will resonate with all ages, since its message is too seldom heard. 
The narrator is a young girl who is forced by her mother to share her world with Grace, an unkempt and scruffy stranger her own age who needs temporary shelter. She hates the thought of having Grace for a roommate and having to drag her along with her to school. 
Once in school, her actions make it clear to Grace that she is unwanted and unwelcome. Grace is secluded, not only from her but from her classmates, who quickly pick up on her disdain for her new friend. 
Then, she has a moment of insight. She experiences Grace’s pain and suffering and her own indifference and hostility. As empathy replaces contempt, she sees Grace, not as a stranger, but as another human being. She is open now to Grace’s corresponding motions of comfort and friendship.  
The walls of reservation and resentment have been knocked down upon the commonality of their humanity.” 
–Pamela Jean Horter-Moore author of LoveQuest and Brief Candles 
“Sharon CassanoLochman proves she can touch the heart of her readers in Room for Grace, the charming short tale of Sarah’s middle school confusion as her mother forces her to accept a new young girl into their home, and pushes her to learn that love is something that needs to be shared.” --Jane Minard, Writer 
“More than 250,000 children in the U.S. enter the foster care system every year. Room for Grace is a much-needed book by a fantastic storyteller with a very kind heart. It packs a powerful message in very few words. The main character grows in understanding as she opens her mind and heart to a neglected, abused little girl placed in her family's care. –Nancy Pistorius, M.A., Writer

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