Season of Defiance - Susan D. Schroeder

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5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm) 
Black & White on White paper
426 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1470164744 
ISBN-10: 1470164744 
BISAC: Fiction / Christian / Historical

Born to the daughter of an English Lord in Colonial America as the result of rape by a Delaware Indian, Rafe continually endures the slurs of the other colonists. Despite the abuse he remains true to his faith in God until he accidentally kills his only friend. Then he begins to wonder if what everyone says about him is true. Will the downward spiral into iniquity that follows convince Rafe to accept Satan’s lies that he's irredeemable and rejected by God? Or will he eventually accept the ultimate truth of God's unconditional love?

Season of Defiance by Susan D. Schroeder is an inspirational story that puts one man’s life before his conscience and God, exploring the theme of loss, sin, and redemption. But it’s the spiritual and self-doubt aspect that captivated me. Rafe is a man who has been called all sorts of things, considered as an abomination and a demon spawn by everyone around him. But deep inside, he yearns for goodness and a life intimately connected to God. But when he accidentally kills his only true friend, he knows hell is opening its doors for him. Even if he never meant to kill his friend, Rafael Zacharias Brookstone, the half-breed Lord is eaten up by guilt and sets out on a path of redemption, but could there ever be any such thing as redemption for him? Here is a story that explores some of the powerful spiritual questions that haunt the human mind and readers will undoubtedly find themselves mirrored in the conscience of the protagonist.

Susan D. Schroeder is a great storyteller and she masterfully knits a wonderful message into the fabric of this compelling story. Season of Defiance has a gripping plot and a compelling cast of characters. The gift of descriptive prose allows the setting to come out perfectly in readers’ minds and it is interesting to notice the colorful descriptions of the weather and images such as the sun shining generously on the “wigwams of the peaceful Mohican village deep in the Massachusetts.” The conflict is deep and it is developed at different levels — physical and internal — but it is the internal conflict, taking place in the protagonist’s mind, that had me captivated and enthused. This is a beautiful story that is well-paced, entertaining and inspiring. You’ll find your soul navigating the pages of this book.

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