Seeds of Hope

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Seeds of Hope takes the reader on a journey. A journey which begins in the year 7 ad in the Germanic Forest east of the Rhine River and ends in the pastoral farmlands of Westmorland county Pennsylvania during the 1840s. Along the way, the reader will meet interesting characters, both real and fictional, who are learning through the trials of life to place their trust and faith in Christ. To hope for a better tomorrow. The book, written in the genre of Christian historical fiction, attempts to answer two questions. How did the teachings of Jesus and his diverse collection of devoted followers so significantly impact the development of European history? What role, large or small, did the ancestors of my wife play in this tremendous cultural evolution.

Along this journey, the reader will experience European and early American history through the eyes of the people who lived it. Ada, a young pagan girl on the verge of adulthood. The young lovers, Tadaaki, a Germanic lad adopted by a Roman governor, and Gordana. Padraig, and his beloved grandmother, Livia, sister of the theologian Pelagius, simply trying to survive as the Roman Empire crumbles. Ethelbert the Kentish war lord. Mastino Scaligeri grandson of Ludwig IV, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Abraham op den Graeff, as he struggles over signing the ‘1688 Germantown Quaker Petition Against Slavery’. The love story between Anna Wagner and Johan Hochenschild set among the pre-Revolutionary Mohawk River valley of the Colony of New York. Christina Smith and her internal struggles with the childhood faith of her Lutheran upbringing. The reader will meet these and many more characters along this journey. And, in contemplation, learn one inspirational and transformative fact. The seeds of hope, sown by the Holy Spirit of the Almighty, has born much fruit. May Jesus the Christ reign in your life.

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