The Eyewitnesses - Old Testament Major Moments

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Major Moments of the Old Testament

When I first wrote “The Eyewitnesses” in 2023, I focused on Jesus’s miracles. I wrote it on the basis that many people were able to observe what Jesus did when he walked this earth. The writers of the Gospels picked up on all of these miracles and listened to people speaking about them. I aimed to reflect on what some ordinary people observed at those times.

After its publication, one of my good friends and advisor suggested I do something based on the Old Testament.  As a result, I searched scriptures again and identified 17 significant people from those pages.  In addition, I tried to focus on a major event or time in each of their lives.  My purpose is to emphasize that real day-to-day people (Yes, they existed even way back in those times.) were witnesses to some fantastic acts and accomplishments – and, yes, even failures, in the lives of these biblical giants.