The Family Secret

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Modern man is being targeted by the enemy of God in three areas of operation: Society, the Church, and the Family. This attack is unprecedented in history. As we near the end of the age satanic forces are doubling their efforts in their determination to bring compromise, undermine, and destroy those institutions established by God for the purpose of maintaining law and order in His creation. Through craftiness and subtlety, these agencies who purpose to harm and demolish all that is godly in the world will take advantage of human weakness and mark the unsuspecting for ruin. The government and society, along with the Church and the Family are not immune from the insidious nature of these satanic armies that surreptitiously penetrate the spiritual fortifications set up by God to protect mankind through seemingly innocent avenues of temptation. The Church is especially vulnerable since it operates under the misconception of inviolability while at the same time being escorted down the path to impotence. This book is the story of one such church that neglected to appoint watchmen to warn the shepherd that the wolves were closing in.