The Living Light

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A lot of people go through life with no concept or understanding of a spiritual dimension. Caught up in the treadmill of this life searching for happiness in this material world. But I learnt from an early age that peace and contentment really do come from within.I hope that this book will show everyone who reads it that there is a powerful God and that Jesus is very real and comforts us through our worry and pain.If you pray with a pure heart and with passion, the Lord will come to you. May be not as the symbol that became a part of my life, and which inspired me to write and illustrate this book, but in some other form.His loving whisperings and comforting words fill my mind, and he makes me feel so strong and loved, even in the toughest of times.As Jesus instructed the apostles to go out in to the world to reach as many people as possible, I and many others have the honour of doing this through the expression of our experiences, including the love we share with our Lord, saviour and friend Jesus Christ.Jennifer Barton.

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