The Master Builder

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Who is the greatest king of the whole world?King Puffed wants to prove that he is. So he sends his soldiers into the town to find eager subjects. Subjects who will agree that it is he, King Puffed, who is the greatest king of them all.The soldiers’ first victim, an old man, is too scared of their sharp weapons to say what he really thinks. As a reward for giving the ‘right’ answer, they give him a heavy medal. A flower-seller doesn’t want to upset the burly soldiers either. She, too, is awarded a gold medal for telling the soldiers what they want to hear.It takes great courage for a small girl to tell these big soldiers what they don’t want to hear. At first, the soldiers try to bribe and bully her into giving them the ‘right’ answer. But she only knows one answer to the question. Of course the King who made the whole world is the greatest king ever. Now she is in big, big trouble.What is she going to do?And who will be brave enough to rescue her?